Only you

You are everywhere..only u and u


A winter Night

a night of my dear

Dear night

Night is  a shadow of unforgettable spring Night is a deserted love bird Night is a partner  of starry silvery sky Night is a heat of lovers heart Night is a flirting bird of an endless sky Night is a blushing dear Night is a long and winding road Night is a flowing river current…

Night Dream

You are a dream I see every day You come at night virtually You pass through my body I can feel it Like an air You drive me crazy My finger  entangled in your  hair I fight to hug u To tease you To kiss u Your eyes twirl like a shooting star So dark…

Night time

Sun is flitting down to rise somewhere Birds are chirping on the sky Moving like an army Demonstrating an artifact on the sky People are returning Time became lull in the middle of the dusk Street light is spreading light Clouds are covering the sky like a shadow Moon is sprinkling the light on the…

Feel of Heart Beat

  You are my love You are my heart I am your beat Like the wave of the sea You are my moon I am your night You shine me with your light You are my song I am your rhythm Like the lyrics of the poem You are my friend I am your hand…


Night full of dreams and possibilities need to explore.

The mystery of love and sex

Sex and love are these two phenomenon always seen as loathing in the society. We fail to understand these two words completely. The universal message of brotherhood based on love. As … Source: The mystery of love and sex

World famous Rangabati song live

  A clip from BATE-GHATE a cultural extravaganza. Rangabati song with Jitendra Haripal(the original singer of the song). Rangabati is arguably the most popular recorded song in Odisha. The song was first recorded for All India Radio in the mid-1970s. After its popularity, a record company from Kolkata (then Calcutta)- Indian Record Manufacturing Company Ltd…