Gang raped and murdered by OLA drives rings the bell of safety on App-based taxi.

gang-rape-1462349770(image source google)

As we enter into a lull and start to perceiving safe world things end up with cloudy and chaotic. In a recent incident, OLA drives end up with rape and murder a victim in Kolkata.

A report says that today here in Kolkata a 12-year-old girl raped murdered and thrown over a bridge. A report on CNN-News 18 says that the accused have been arrested and confessed that they picked up the victim from the footpath while they drunk. the drivers confess the police that they were in search of some mirth while picking the girl and after killing the girl the accused drivers Shankar Shaw and Guddu Singh threw the victim’s body into the canal below Park Circus Flyover.

This isn’t the first case we are facing such incident file against the App-based taxi company. This year in the may a Belgian national was abused by an OLA driver in Delhi. We don’t even forget the incident where an Uber driver, Shiv Kumar Yadav, raped a woman in Delhi in December 2014.

In this scenario, OLA is launching OLA rooms a whole night stay in the taxi. this again triggered the security of women.

The state governments had requested for complete police verification of every driver on the Ola and Uber platforms. One of the main reasons for this was to ensure women’s safety while no such information has given about the response time.


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  1. Sha'Tara says:

    There is no doubt that automatic death penalty for all those guilty of murder or accomplices needs to be reinstated: jail sentences are no deterrent. Also for rape, castration has to be mandatory, no appeal on proof or confession of crime. That’s my view. As for people in general, they need to wake up and learn to seriously boycott any company that operates that way. Total boycott until the company crashes. Do we care more about convenience and comfort than the lives of children and women in particular? Is that a “Yes” I hear?

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  2. neha98blog says:

    The news broke my heart.Are you from kolkata?

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    1. Apera says:

      No I am from Odisha. I have visited kolkata. It has Its own charm.

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  3. All said and done.
    What was and is the punishment for the culprits. Having to kill time in the courts is been the time pass going on.
    Who cares.
    So it scares.

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    1. Apera says:

      Indeed sir. and thank you for stopping by.

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