installation of animal watershed in sambalpur

Swaicha as an organization completed 2 successful years has been providing mid-day meal to near about 200 poor and needy people of Sambalpur on every Sunday without any interruption. Today we installed watersheds for animals in Sambalpur town. In the scorching heat of summer, it becomes hard to get drinking water for people on the go. The situation became worse after the pouch water banned from Sambalpur district. How can animals get drinking water? After all, they play a vital role in our ecosystem. so we planned to install 30 watersheds for animals in Sambalpur town. In the first phase, we have installed 10 watersheds today and the rest will be installed in next 2 to 3 phases. We would like to thanks all the members of SWAICHA and the all the volunteers who make the project happen.


There are some people on the backstage who encouraged us and without them, the project couldn’t succeed. We would remain grateful to Omkar, Jogesh, Sonali travels, Ghanashyam, Rama da, Behera sir and last but not from the list Mr. Rangeya sarangi sir for their legal advice and support.



Mr rangeya srangi pouring water


members of swaicha were working


watershed installed near district court



we will install rest watershed in 2 to 3 phases in Sambalpur town. we are inviting volunteers in a large to join us make the project successful.

If you want to join us or for any further query please feel free to contact us:

Bishnu Kumar Behera

mobile no : 9090785567




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  1. Swakant says:

    Great initiatives indeed !
    I encourage and support these endeavors ….
    Keep going …

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    1. bishnum07 says:

      sir thank you for your support and interest on our organisation…..sir why not come and join us on any of the Sunday..


  2. What a wonderful program for those in need. The worrld needs more people that share their time and help those less fortunate.

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    1. Apera says:

      yes … we have initiated a tiny step to help those who lives in our surrounding.

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      1. I am sure it is much needed in the community, to reach out and and offer anything to those in need would be so gratifying in so many ways, to both the volunteers and the people in need. Keep up the good work and spreading the most important thing, hope.

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      2. Apera says:

        we need your blessings and support in a long run sir. Thank you.

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      3. You have them, I can give you moral support and hope and wish you the best, and I do.Oh, and my name is Kathy.

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      4. Apera says:

        Thank u Kathy for your love and support.

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      5. Oh, no problem. I love all you guys, and gals on here.You are all a tremendous support and inspiration to me.

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  3. I neglected to mention the animals, as they were also a part of your project. So important to consider the needs and suffering of all creatures. Sometimes they need us. So many times, we use and abuse them, without any thought whatsoever as to their pain. They have every right to be, as we do.

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    1. Apera says:

      Animals acts a vital character in our life. we should take proper care of them.

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      1. I agree with you. It breaks my heart and makes me angry to see animal abuse, or trophy hunting, medical testing on them. The factory farming issue is another one that needs more attention, but people don’t want to know about it. Out of sight, out of mind. All creatures should have the same rights as we do. We have a grandiose belief that we are the masters of our world, Just because we walk upright, doesn’t make us upright.

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      2. Apera says:

        indeed.. you are right ..

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      3. Humans are the most dangerous animals

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