Food For Poor in Sunday @Sambalpur

SWAICHA an idea came into mind on a sunny evening of 2014. When a group of the young friend having a chit-chat  and enjoying a sip of tea on one hand and a half burnt cigarette on the other hand, while some are busy in candy crush.

It was going to be a rigid usual day while all of a sudden the topic of mid day meal programme pop up in the mind of  Mr. santosh kumar panda who is one of the founders of SWAICHA and the person behind the idea to make it happen.

At the very beginning, these people decided to provide mid day meal to 10 poor needy people on every Sunday. They raise money among themselves and swaicha continued and now providing mid day meal to 200 needy people.

These people are providing meal starting from beggars, rag pickers, physically challenged people whom the society abandoned and work hard and most of the times rely on their fate for one time meal a day.

It’s an example of dedication and zeal to serve the poor’s and pays off to the society where they live.

You don’t need to be a billionaire or a hefty amount of money to bring a change. What you need is that to bring the change within you and ignite the ray of hope.

If you ask us why you are doing this? And what you get from doing this? Be true to our self we never ask this question to ourself. We do this because we love to do this.

SWAICHA a journey starts from 2014 completed successfully 2 years and still continues…….come and join us and bring a helping hand to the society…….

when you see this you get abundant of satisfaction and self fulfilment and a peace of mind.
when you see this you get abundant of satisfaction and self-fulfilment and a peace of mind.
they are also part of the society .....we cant ignore them
they are also part of the society …..we can’t ignore them
what u get at the end a smile on some ones face
what u get at the end a smile on someone’s face

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    You guys are doing marvellous things go ahead. Society needs selfless people like u….. but only right persons need to be feed otherwise people shall become lazy and dependent like the Orissa’s govt 1re rice per kilo scheme Other than dat u guys rock may many more follow your footsteps.

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  2. bishnum07 says:

    Thank you Mr Chinmaya Mishra for your valuable comments and for supporting us. we look on this matter and ensure that only needy people will get this. thank you again.


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