the night is cold

the night is for  love

the night is starry and the stars are blue and black

in a distance the moon appear like a bud

in this night I love her

I kiss her again and again in the endless sky

she drenched me with her love

like night drenched the grass

the moon plays hide and sick with the clouds

some times she loose and cloud feel proud

tonight is for joy

tonight is for sorrow

tonight is for miss someone

tonight reminds about her

I need a night filled with love

I need a night which love made of

I need a night which never ends

I need a night which transcends

tonight I can write the sad song of my life

night comes and goes like my love for you

night is for sleep and dream of you

night is for fun

night is dark for someone

I hate this night because it reminds of you

it’s a starry silvery night and stars spreads in the silvery sky

the night when we met and had a fun

the night is so alone

the night is what you love

but now the night is what i hate because of you

still i love the night

because the night loves me…


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  1. walkanewway says:

    If you have any recordings of you reciting your poetry, I’d love to put them on an internet radio station I’m setting up. The station is live, but I’m still gathering content. I hope to launch it officially in the next week or so. I can also record your stuff for you, and slap on some background sounds/music, but I have a voice for silent movies. You can find an example on my blog now, in one of the widgets. Poetry and other brief spoken word stuff will play once after every five musical tracks. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bishnum07 says:

      thank u for ur offer u have given to me. and thank u for visiting my blog.actually i dont have any recordings of my poetry…u are well come to recording the poetry and put in ur radio station. thank u again dear

      Liked by 1 person

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